ActiveX Software for Visual Basic 6/.NET, C++ 6/.NET, Delphi, Borland C++ Builder: Matrix Maths, Time Series
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   Volatility Estimation for Option Prices in Visual Basic 6 and Excel Addin

Financial Volatility Estimation Excel AddIn, ActiveX and COM Component

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This page shows sample applications built with Volatility/X.

You can use Volatility/X as an Excel Add-In, or create applications in VB 6, VC++ 6, or use Volatility/NET with Visual C#, Visual C++ .NET to quickly analyze your data and obtain accurate estimates for volatility.

Volatility/X is written in Visual C++ 6.0 and is designed for maximum speed and reliability. It can be used in a wide range of applications and importantly, has a full Excel interface so that it can be used directly from within Excel. It has Menu access to Help and utilized Excel's Insert Function capabilities.

Easily access Volatility/X methods via the Insert Function method in Excel.

The parameters  can be inserted via the Excel Function Arguments dialog box.



Excel demo supplied with Volatility/X


Volatility/X makes an ideal companion software component for Options/X. For more information on Volatility/X or if you have any questions, please contact us today.

The full source code for this sample application is supplied with Volatility/X so you will be able to start getting results in no time.

This application was built using Visual Basic 6 but it could just as easily have been built with Excel, Visual C++ 6, or we could also use Volatility/NET and create the same application in Visual Basic .NET, Visual C# or Visual C++ .NET or any other compatible programming environment. Each function is accessible in just one line of code. You are free to use the source code for this application as part of your own when you purchase Volatility/X.

Using Volatility/X is simple - once installed, the Volatility/X icon appears in the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment. Functions are accessed in a single line of code!

To access Volatility/X from within Visual Basic 6, it should be checked within the Components dialog box. 
This will usually be done when the component is first installed. 


Once the software is installed, it will then appear within the Visual Studio Toolbox as shown here.

To use the Volatility/X component, simply drag it from the Toolbox on to your form in Visual Basic 6 and
 it will then be displayed as an icon shown above. Then, all the methods and properties of the component 
will be available for immediate use.

We provide extensive help in both CHM and PDF formats, with detailed information about the properties, events and methods available in the component.

CHM Compressed HTHML Help available with Volatility/X.


Volatility/X comes with a comprehensive user manual in PDF format.

If you need further assistance in creating your application, please contact us and we would be pleased to assist you in determining if we can be of service.