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   FFT Software - Fast Fourier Transform .NET CF Component for Pocket PC Windows Mobile

    Transform/NET Mobile 7.2
FFT .NET Compact Framework Pocket PC Component

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Spectral analysis, frequency estimation, FFTs - whatever you need to do using an FFT for signal analysis, using Transform/NET Mobile in your .NET CF WinForms Pocket PC application is the quickest and most reliable method of solving your requirements.
  • Transform/NET
    The .NET component provides the same functionality as Transform/NET Mobile, but it can also be used to develop full .NET applications in VB .NET, VC#, VC++ .NET in Winforms applications and in the Platinum version, WebForms/WebServices/ASP.NET applications.
  • Transform/X ActiveX and COM Object
    The ActiveX/COM component provides the same functionality as Transform/NET Mobile, but it can also be used with non .NET languages including VB6, VC++6, Borland C++ Builder, Delphi, Excel, and MS Access.

Spectral analysis on a Pocket PC? ... Use Transform/NET Mobile


Transform/NET Mobile is a .NET Compact Framework component so it is designed to be used to create Windows Mobile applications that run on Pocket PCs with Windows Mobile 2002, 2003 or Windows Mobile 5.

Raw Input signal

Power Spectra

Load your input data and use the FFT methods to quickly output the power spectra. Note: Transform/NET Mobile
is written in 100% managed Visual C# using a highly efficient FFT implementation. Be surprised at how fast 
this component performs!

How do I use Transform/NET Mobile?

Use Visual Studio 2003 to create a Pocket PC Windows Mobile application. 
  1. Drag and drop the component on to your form designer. 
  2. Write your code and perform functions such as FFT in just one line! 
  3. Deploy to Pocket PC Emulator or actual device.

A design time DLL is included with Transform/NET Mobile so that you can very easily design your applications within Visual Studio 2003 and then deploy the runtime DLL to your Pocket PC with your application. Simply install Transform/NET Mobile and you will quickly be able to have FFT functionality within your Windows application.

As shown here, once you install Transform/NET Mobile, it will appear in the Visual Studio ToolBox, ready for you to use instantly.

Download Transform/NET Mobile now and you can be developing FFT-based software immediately.

Quickly and easily create applications in VB.NET, VC# or VC++.NET with Transform/NET Mobile:

Features of Transform/NET Mobile

Fast Fourier Transform (Real and Complex, Forward and Inverse)
Spectrogram for STFT (Short Time Fourier Transform). This function is ideal for vibration analysis, condition monitoring type applications - one line of code is all it takes.
Discrete Cosine Transform
Discrete Sine Transform
Window functions: Kaiser, Blackman, Hamming, Hanning, Bartlett, Welch, Parzen
Gain, Phase, Magnitude functions to enable fast viewing of FFT outputs.
Phase unwrapping
Demo applications with full source code are included in: VB.NET and VC# for immediate Pocket PC deployment
LoadData, SaveData

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