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   Options Pricing and Analysis in Visual Basic and Excel

    Options/X 11.0
Financial Options ActiveX Control and COM Object

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Here we display some screen shots of actual sample applications built with Options/X. in Excel spreadsheets and Visual Basic 6 applications.

Options/X Excel Add-In

The latest release of Options/X now includes a full Excel Add-In. This Add-In is installed automatically and now means that users can access Options/X functionality just like any other Excel Add-In function within a cell. It even includes context sensitive help to make your job even easier. 

To use Options/X functions in Excel, simply click on Tools and then Insert Function. Select the "Financial" category and then you will be able to immediately access the desired functions within Excel:

Full Excel interface enables easy access to functions.

The Excel interface means you can insert cell values and evaluate results directly.

Try the demo Excel worksheet to see how easy it is to use the new Options/X Excel Add-In. 

Options Source Code Examples

If you are aiming to develop an option trading system for the stock market, try Options/X, an ActiveX/COM DLL that enables you to quickly build your own system. 

The advantage of Options/X is that you can use it as an Excel Add-in. With the addition of stock quotes, you can create your own option trading software, customized to your own purposes.

Options/X includes sample applications with source code in Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .Net and Excel. You can quickly see just how easy it is to price and analyse data using Options/X. Options/X ActiveX Control implements option pricing and analysis functions.  For each of the pricing models, the implied volatility and volatility skew for both call and put options can be determined.


   Screen shot of an application built in Visual Basic using Options/X.

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Options/CF - Options Analysis .NET Compact Framework Component The full source code for this sample application is supplied with Options/X so you will be able to start getting results in no time.

This application was built using Visual Basic but it could just as easily have been built with Visual C++, or any other compatible programming environment. Each function is accessible in just one line of code.  You are free to use the source code for this application as part of your own when you purchase Options/X.

Using Options/X is simple - once installed, the Options/X icon appears in the Visual Basic Integrated Development Environment (visible in the lower right corner of the General ActiveX components above). Functions are accessed in a single line of code!

The application below was built using Excel 2002 + VBA. It is almost identical to the application above written in Visual Basic. Full source code is provided with Options/X so you can modify or adapt it to suit your requirements.

Consulting and Custom Programming for Quantitative Options or Futures Trading Software

Do you have a requirement that is something like this? If you need something special developed or have other quantitative development needs, please contact us as we also do special projects, consulting and custom applications, components and more. We can provide anything from small demo applications to get you started through to larger scale database driven (eg SQL Server, Access) GUI applications, web services or whatever is required. Because of our extensive experience in this type of development, your costs will be lower, the project outcomes produced faster and the results more likely to be what you need to ensure your success. Contact us today for a no obligation chat.