ActiveX Software for Visual Basic 6/.NET, C++ 6/.NET, Delphi, Borland C++ Builder: Matrix Maths, Time Series
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   Support Information

We provide professional, high quality components and applications designed to enable faster, more efficient numerical data analysis in Windows applications. If you experience problems using our products, we would like to assist you. Please take a few moments to see the following methods in which we can provide support.


As technical issues occur, we will add them to the web site - please check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for possible answers to your problem. You can search or browse for answers to your problems. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, then please submit Technical Support Request.

General Help

If after consulting the FAQ and the accompanying Help documentation and sample applications provided with the software, if a clear technical issue is still prevalent, you should isolate the problem and let us know the precise details. Please provide a detailed list of steps that can be taken to reproduce the problem. If we can see the problem occurring in code project, the better we are likely to respond to the problem.

Ideally, we would prefer that you send us a small project that compiles, demonstrating the problem. We will not spend a lot of time to make your code work, so please ensure that any code you send can be used without extra libraries, DLLs, or other components and that we can immediately see the problem in action.

Technical support is currently free of charge for issues that are due to bugs within our components. When submitting technical issues, please provide as much information as possible, including your details, the version of the component you are using, the computer and operating system.

Demo Applications

With each component we provide at least one sample project that demonstrates the use of the component. Although we have taken out the difficulty of programming complex algorithms and made them conveniently available as library components, in general, our software does require significant technical knowledge to use it.

Technical Publications

We suggest you refer to the Publications section for papers and the references therein for more information on some of the algorithms used in our software.

If you are unsure about the algorithms or their effective use, feel free to send your questions to us, If you require our help, we will consider any request for paid consulting on our software, including custom version of software components, or related technical issues including research, algorithm development and application of algorithms and/or software to specific problem areas.

In using any of the software we provide, please be aware of the limitations of the components and applications. While we have thoroughly tested our software, sometimes there can be bugs or if you have used the software inappropriately or with invalid inputs, then the outputs may be incorrect or invalid. You should be familiar with the expected results from the mathematical methods implemented in our software and perform your own tests on the functions used so that you are sure you have implemented and used the software correctly and ensured that there are no problems. If you experience unusual results or if you have any questions, please contact us. .

Programming Help and Consulting

At the present time, and in some cases we may be able to provide additional demo applications upon request to show how to use a particular component to solve a particular problem. If the task is simple, we can often do this at no extra cost or obligation. If we think the task will require significant time or effort on our part to do it, then we will direct you to our Per-Incident Support.

If you have a more complex problem, or need a solution to a problem, whether involving additional research or developmental work, we are also available for consulting. Please contact us if you have a problem or questions and we will be pleased to discuss anything with you and determine if we can be of assistance.

Bug Reports

If you believe you have discovered a bug in a component, please send a small project in VB 6, VB.NET, VC#, or VC++ without any non-standard components that exemplifies the problem. You should describe the problem and provide details of your computer and operating system. If we can quickly see the problem then we are more likely to be able to provide faster assistance. Send your project in a zip file attachment with a bug report to:

Email Bug Reports: