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   ToolBoxWiz - Visual Studio .NET ToolBox Installer Software

Visual Studio .NET Toolbox Installer

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ToolBoxWiz is a .NET application that enables the installation of components into the Visual Studio 2002 or 2003 Toolbox.

Do you develop .NET components?
Have you encountered difficulties when creating demo applications using your .NET components for your clients? Would you like to be able to reliably and transparently install your .NET components into the Visual Studio ToolBox? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then you need ToolBoxWiz!

If you are a developer of .NET components, then you will appreciate the need to deploy your components in such a way that makes it easy for your clients. This means being able to deploy components and have them automatically appear in the Visual Studio Toolbox.

The problem that developers face is that there is no simple method of automatically ensuring your components will appear in the Visual Studio Toolbox. Various solutions have been proposed - unfortunately, these often do not work well, if at all, and may only be suitable for one version of Visual Studio: working on one version but not another.

We have taken a significant amount of time to develop a utility that will reliably and quickly install .NET components into the Visual Studio 20002 or 2003 ToolBox.

If you have been looking at this, then you would have probably discovered things like GetTypeFromProgID and EnvDTE.DTE. You might have also found that it is very difficult to get the installations to work reliably with all versions of Visual Studio.

ToolBox Wiz is the quick and easy way of enabling you to deploy your .NET components. Simply include ToolBox Wiz with your deployed project, and call it with a few simple command line arguments.

ToolBoxWiz is very easy to use, but it also includes a number of useful features to improve your productivity. The basic features of ToolBoxWiz include:

Works with Visual Studio 2002 and 2003.
Add .NET 1.0 and .NET 1.1 Assemblies to Visual Studio 2003 ToolBox
Add .NET 1.0  Assemblies to Visual Studio 2002 ToolBox
Create new ToolBox Tabs
Delete ToolBox Tabs
Command live argument driven
Use relative or absolute assembly file names
Visual dialog box is provided to indicate the installation progress.
Optional quiet mode with no visual display.
Easy to deploy (XCopy!)

Quick and Reliable To Use
ToolBoxWiz can be deployed along with your application and with just a few simple command line arguments, will effortlessly install your .NET controls into the Visual Studio ToolBox. This is the dialog box shown while the installation proceeds, though it can be switched off:

Screen shot of dialog box optionally displayed when a component is being installed into the Visual Studio ToolBox.

ToolBoxWiz can be put to immediate use, letting you concentrate on your application. Simply call it from the command line with a few simple commands:

Example Use
A common scenario is to deploy ToolBoxWiz right along with your .NET component DLL that you wish to install to a Visual Studio Toolbox. In this case, the simplest way to use ToolBoxWiz is as follows:

Using your installer program or a simple batch file, use the settings:

toolboxwiz.exe -v 3 -t "YourTabName" -a YourComponent.dll

This instructs ToolBoxWiz to install a .NET assembly, having the filename YourComponent.dll into the Visual Studio 2003 ToolBox, under the tab YourTabName. If the tab does not exist, it will be created first.

ToolBoxWiz comes complete with a HTML Help file giving you all the information required to use it and install deployed components into the Visual Studio ToolBox.

ToolBoxWiz includes a license for you to redistribute it with your applications at no extra cost and royalty free.

Free Trial
Download a free copy of ToolBoxWiz that you can use today. The trial version is fully functional, and can be used for 14 days to try out ToolBoxWiz on any computer.

If you wish to unlock your trial version of ToolBoxWiz, simply order online and you can be up and running in just minutes. We accept a wide variety of payment methods and the software can be downloaded as soon as your payment is processed - usually this takes just seconds.