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   Java Financial Software - Black-Scholes Option Pricing

    Options/J 10.0
Financial Options Pricing and Analysis Java Component

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This page shows sample applications built with Options/J. This example prices and analyses GE March 2002 Options. The data is also included with the sample application for S&P500 and others.

Java Sample Options-Pricer

You can use Options/J in a Java application to quickly price options and analyze your data by obtaining the greeks. The full source code for this sample application is supplied with Options/J so you will be able to start getting results in no time. This application was created using Eclipse and Options/J as a JAR library. 

Each function is accessible in just one line of code. You are free to use the source code for this application as part of your own when you purchase Options/J.

Options Pricing and Analysis demo written in Java with Options/J Class Library, running on Linux (Ubuntu 8.1)

Options Pricing and Analysis demo written in Java with Options/J Class Library, running on Apple Mac OS X 10.5

This application was created using the Eclipse Java IDE. Once written it can then be easily deployed and used on a very wide range of other platforms. Options/J is extremely versatile - the same component is available with almost identical syntax in ActiveX/COM, .NET and .NET Mobile versions as well. This means that you can create your application in almost any programming language that you desire, but if you need to switch to a new platform for any reason, then no problem! Just grab the appropriate component, whether for Java, .NET  or ActiveX/COM and then you are ready in no time! So the application you see was written in Java, but could just as easily have been built with Visual Basic, Visual C++.NET, Visual C# or any other compatible programming environment using one of our other Options software components.

A Java demo application example showing how easy it is to use Options/J within the popular Eclipse Java IDE.

Using Options/J is simple - once you have loaded the JAR file and imported the package Windale.Options, then you will be able to start using the Options/J main class and its built in functions for your application. Take a look at the Java source code supplied or even use it to create your own application (once you license Options/J you can use the demo source code as the basis for your own software). Many functions are accessed in a single line of code!

Consistent Programming Interface

Our aim is to provide a consistently powerful set of options pricing functions across a wide range of platforms. So whether you are programming under Windows or Linux, use Java, Visual C++, Visual Basic 6, Excel, Visual C#,  VBA, Delphi or Borland C++ Builder, our components will provide you with the edge you need to create powerful options trading applications. The consistency of the functions means that if you create an application in one language and then decide to change to a different platform, then you can simply change to the appropriate component, ie Options/X, Options/NET or Options/J and then with minor modifications, be quickly able to continue your application. We provide demo applications that produce the same results and are similar in style for Visual Basic 6, Excel, Visual C++ 6, Visual C++ .NET 2002,2003,2005,2008, and can supply them in Delphi and Borland C++ Builder. 

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