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   Options Pricing and Analysis for the Pocket PC

    Options/NET Mobile 11.0
Financial Options .NET CF Component for Mobile Devices

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This page shows some screen shots for a Pocket PC 2003 sample application built with Options/NET Mobile. The full source code for this sample Visual Basic .NET application is supplied with Options/NET Mobile so you will be able to start getting results in no time.


Using Options/NET Mobile is incredibly simple - once installed, the Options/NET Mobile icon appears in the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment in the Toolbox under the Device Controls. Functions are accessed in a single line of code!

This application was built using Visual Basic .NET but it could just as easily have been built with Visual C#, or any other compatible programming environment. You are free to use the source code for this application as part of your own when you purchase Options/NET Mobile.

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We recommend that you install the latest Windows Mobile SDK which comes with a Pocket PC 2003 emulator so that you can develop your Pocket PC application totally in software. The SDK and emulator are available at no cost from Microsoft.

We provide details on obtaining these tools in the detailed HTML Help file accompanying Options/NET Mobile. We also provide a starter guide to programming Pocket PC applications.