ActiveX Software for Visual Basic 6/.NET, C++ 6/.NET, Delphi, Borland C++ Builder: Matrix Maths, Time Series
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   Neural Network Sample Application

    MLP/X 5.0
Neural Network ActiveX Control and COM Object

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This shows some sample applications built with MLP/X. The full source code is supplied with MLP/X so you can see how easy it is to use our control.

The example provided gives the solution to 3 well known problems:
  • XOR
  • Two-Spirals Problem
  • Mackey-Glass Time Series Prediction

We have shown exactly how to set up the problems in the source code and just how easy it is to solve them using MLP/X. In each case it is possible to use either backpropagation or the MEKA algorithm to obtain the solution. Repeatedly pressing the Run MLP button allows you to continue training a model and see further learning improvement.

This application was built using Visual Basic but it could just as easily have been built with C++, C# or Delphi. The  processing takes just one line of code to implement, the rest of the application is for the GUI and data display. You are free to use this source code as part of your application if you purchase MLP/X.

The same application was implemented in Excel using VBA, a screen shot is shown below. The full source for this application is included with the component. Each of the example problems can be solved by making a few changes in the code.