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   How To Create Black-Scholes and Binomial Options Pricing Software In Excel VBA

Black-Scholes Options Pricing Software In Excel

Options Pricing in Excel

Options/X can be used in Excel to provide a range of functions including options pricing, greeks, implied volatility and historical volatility. There are two major approaches which enable Options/X to be used. These are:

  • Functions within cells, and

  • Excel VBA

Using Options/X in Excel via Functions

The first approach enables Options/X to be used by simply using the functions from within the cells. To supply an option price to a cell, simply call the required function from within that cell, ie: suppose that you have data in various cells, then to provide the call price, simply use the function as:


It is also possible to use the Insert Function command to provide a GUI to the Excel functions. In this case, click on Insert > Function and then in the "Select Category" drop down list, select "Financial" to see a list of functions available.

Select the desired function and then you will be able to access context sensitive help as well as insert cell values directly and see the result immediately.

An Excel workbook demo is provided to show how easy it is to use Excel in this manner.


Using Options/X in Excel VBA

It is also possible to use Options/X within Excel-VBA applications. An Excel workbook demo is provided to show how easy it is to use Excel in this manner. The demos are located in: C:\Program Files\Windale Technologies\ActiveX\OptionsX

If you don't find the solution or program example you are looking for, please contact our support team for further assistance.

#Name! Error Message in Excel

This functionality is only available when a licensed version of Options/X is installed on each machine. If you receive an error message which shows the #Name! error message, this indicates that the Options/X Excel functionality is not installed on the machine. It is necessary to ensure that Excel is closed completely before installing Options/X and then restarting Excel. If this is not done, you may need to reinstall Options/X with Excel closed.


Options Software

Options/X - Options Pricing Excel Add-In and SDK
Options/NET - Options Analysis .NET Component
Volatility/X - Volatility Estimation Excel Add-In
Options/NET Mobile - Options Analysis Windows Mobile Component

Features of Options/X

Options/X includes a number of popular models for estimating the theoretical option prices and contains the following models: Black-Scholes, Cox-Ross-Rubinstein, Bjerksund-Stensland and others. It is possible to compute the historical and implied volatility using end-of-day financial stock data.

We are certain that you will find our software is very easy to use, but it is extremely fast and robust, giving absolute accuracy to ensure you have the best available options pricing and greeks for your option trading application. Call or email us to find out how we can help you to solve the problems you are working on.