ActiveX Software for Visual Basic 6/.NET, C++ 6/.NET, Delphi, Borland C++ Builder: Matrix Maths, Time Series
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   k-Means Classification in Visual Basic and Excel

    Classifier/X 5.0
k-Means Classification ActiveX Control and COM Object

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This page shows a sample application built with Classifier/X. The example shown, and which is available with full source code, uses filtered gaussian random multi-variate input data which are then classified into a specific number of classes. The example shows a range of inputs and their subsequent classification (color-coded).

The full source code for this sample application is provided so you can start using Classifier/X in your application immediately. An Excel example performing the same task is also provided.

This application was built using Visual Basic. Full source code for example applications can also be provided in Delphi, Visual C++, Visual C#, Excel, Access, Borland C++ Builder and Borland C# Builder. The k-means processing takes just one line of code to implement, the rest of the application is for the GUI and data display. You are free to use this source code as part of your application if you purchase Classifier/X.